The best way to prevent disease in dogs is prevention.

  • Good hygiene and deworming our dog.
  • A veterinary control (immunization, etc ...)
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of areas dedicated to our dog (in the space usually occupied by dogs accumulate germs and bacteria that can damage the health of our pets).
  • A proper exercise our dogs (for each race).
  • Good nutrition and food hygiene can also contribute to disease prevention.



It is an infestation of worms in the dog´s intestine. It is very common in dogs (especially in puppies) and it can affect humans.


It is an illnes caused by a virus. It´s given less often that the Parvovirus and it is less serious. Dogs of all ages can suffer it, but it´s more often in puppies.

Hip´s dysplasia

The hip´s dysplasia is an articular disease and it has a greater incidence in big an giant races.

It´s a polygenic hereditary illnes, it´s define as lack of congruence of the hip joint.


They are parasites that adhere to the dog´s skin looking for blood. The infestation comes by the contact with animals or places parasitized.


It is a contagious disease produced by a virus (adenovirus canine type 1). The disaese can live during months at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.


It is a blood illnes produced by the bite of a mosquito it can affect to the humans too. It´s especially often in Mediterranean countries.


It is an illnes produced by bacterias, that affects the humans too. It affects the liver and kidneys. The affected dogs can eliminate disease germs through the urine.

Canine distemper

(Carré´s disease;): it is an extreme serious illnes (althuog no as the parvovirosis), that it´s produced by a virus.

It mainly affectes the puppies sons of non vaccinated mothers and puppies after the weaning.

External otitis

It is very common in dogs. It must be trated as soon as posible to prevent it from becoming chronic. It can be produced by spikes, or other bodies, which are introduced into the animal's auditory pavilion and by mites. Fallen ears dogs are more predisposed to suffer it.


They are external parasites, between 2 and 5 millimeters length, very common between cats and dogs. They feed of their guest´s blood. They are spread by direct contact with animals or places.


They are little insectes who take refuge in areas with dog hair, where they develop their life cycle.The dog infected by louses presents dandruff and nits adhered to the hair. The females put the eggs, which are of clear color and easy to see, near the root of the hair.

They produce inconveniences, in the shape of irritations, they can transmit certain diseases to the dog.


It is a very serious disease produced by a virus that it affects principally to the puppies without vaccinating, though the dogs can turn affected any age. It produces hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis with mortal result.


It is a disease produced by a virus, which is transmitted by means of the bite of infected animals. It can be mortal and affects the man.

In Spain the disease practically has disappeared and one prepares his spread by means of the periodic vaccination of the canine population.


It is a disease of the skin produced by mites.


It is a chronic disease of the skin of the dog that is characterized by an excessive production of scales, accompanied of fall of the hair in the affected zones.

Kennel cough

( Infectious Laringotraqueitis): it is produced by virus and bacterias that can act isolated or together.

It is very contagious and the contagion takes place by air. It demonstrates for a strong and dry cough in the affected dog. The general condition of the dog is good and is not in the habit of having fever.

Es muy contagiosa y el contagio se produce por vía aérea. Se manifiesta por una tos fuerte y seca en el perro afectado. El estado general del perro es bueno y no suele tener fiebre.


It is a disease of the skin that takes place for fungi that are fed on keratin.

It is more frequent in young dogs that have not developed totally his defenses and in sick animals, badly nourishe and with few defenses.

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