** When we bought our puppy.

Many times we think it is better to wait to be on vacation to bring the puppy home, so you can spend all the time in the world.

This can be a big mistake, because after that the dog receives all the attention can feel panic or become depressed when it is alone about nine or ten hours, for our work. Which can lead to destructive behavior or constant barking.

So the ideal is that since the first time to know your new home, our schedules and rules of coexistence that we have to teach. For what the ideal thing is that from the first moment he knows his new house, our schedules and the procedure of conviviality that we will have to teach him.

** Education and training of the puppy.

Puppy's education should begin from the time of its acquisition, does not have to wait until the dog is "old enough" to train.

Education or training of our puppy should start since he's small, made with patience and not try to seek perfection in the first place, because the puppies are easily distracted, but keep in mind that everything they will teach even as a game, when he grows up will be much more receptive to learn and we will be much more comfortable with our pets and ourselves.

** The puppies as a gift.

Puppies of all breeds are generally a "beauty babe" and we want donate to us first and then serve as "big gift" for the children (grandchildren, nephews ,...).

¡¡¡Care!!! you're not going to give a stuffed; the dog is a living animal with needs and obligations and responsibilities involved for the whole family. Whether to buy a puppy to give it away is best, which is loved and liked by all members of the family.

Never give a dog to a child, I "gift" to their parents. A dog means a great responsibility, however, if the parents also want the puppy you can share the tasks of cleaning and care of it, but of course, can not be expected to be responsible for the welfare and education of the dog.

** Children and the Golden.

Apart from what has been commented in the previous point about responsibility and care must be taken into account that the golden cub is exuberant and playful.

We must also bear in mind that a dog is growing fast and large as an adult, so accidents might occur, as when is gaming, push or roll up( we are talking about dogs that an adult weigh about 35-40 Kgs) a small child and hurt them. The responsible adult supervision is always necessary.

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